About us!

Here is some info about us

Atlantis resort is located just by the beach of Sarafovo. But the word “located” isn’t vivid enough. The resort towers above the beach and is one of the first things in Bulgaria that the sun touches. Now that’s a more accurate description. Can you feel what your holiday in Atlantis Resort will be?

The seaside is two steps away
You might get sunburnt, if you fall asleep on the beach
It’s hard to leave when your vacation is over

Where are we located?

Atlantis Resort is located in Sarafovo South. This is one of the most modern residential areas in Burgas. The whole neighborhood is created with the idea of balance between nature and modern architecture

With the existing infrastructure, you shouldn’t have problems with arriving at the complex, parking or looking for shops, etc. Everything you might need is just a few meters away. The airport is very close by, and the public transport stop is right in front of Atlantis Resort.


Our location alone is enough for Atlantis Resort to be one of the best places to spend your time in Bulgaria, but why stop here. Atlantis resort is designed as the perfect place to relax and over the years the founding idea has not been forgotten. The five buildings are created in a way that allows you to experience tranquility. There are different pools for adults and for children which are constantly watched over by professional lifeguards. In short – you can relax without worrying about a thing. What more do you need for a great stay in Bulgaria?

Екипът на ATLANTIS resort се стреми непрестанно да подобрява условията в хотела. При нас всяко следващо лято е по-добро от предишното. Всеки от нас е винаги готов да ти помогне да направиш престоя си още по-пълноценен.  Не го забравяй! Ако имаш проблем, винаги сме на линия.